Coastal Serenity

Terms And Conditions

CoastalSerenity and affiliated property owners.

  • Please ensure that you fully read these terms and conditions (t&c) as the acceptance of the booking is acceptance of these t&c’s by you on behalf of all who stay for that booking. You accept, on behalf of those that stay all liability as the booking person.
  • Any booking made from any website, regardless the terms and conditions of that site remains conditional on receipt of a Confirmation of Booking notice from CoastalSerenity, which supersedes that websites T&C inclusive of the booking form that must be completed to complete the Confirmation of Booking agreement between CoastalSerenity and the guest.
  • Any variation or conflict of these t&c to any affiliated property owners t&c are at the sole discretion of CoastalSerenity. This does not limit specific laws of the current states of which your booking is made, however if any part of these t&c’s are in conflict, invalid or unenforceable it is agreed by you, that unless prior notice by you of such a conflict, these t&c remain in full force and are made in good faith and effect for your booking .


  • Holiday or stay plans can be affected by influences beyond your control, so it is strongly suggested that you purchase appropriate travel or other such insurance through a travel agency or others to protect your holiday investment, travel documentation, goods or plans, that are manmade ( of any description) or acts beyond our direct control such as weather, threat for instance.  If however another booking can be taken (less a rebooking/administration fee) then your deposit will be happily refunded to you. Compared to the larger booking companies, where you can lose everything.

Damages Breakages

  • We realise that from time to time accidents do happen. As such all breakages and damage are to be replaced by you prior to you’re leaving the property. You are required to notify us prior to your leaving of the breakages or damage. You are required to notify us of breakages.
  • However any damage that in our estimation that would exceed $500.00 will be reported to the police as this is a condition of our property insurance.
  • Each property has Fire Alarms and Smoke detection equipment installed. Any call out of the Fire Brigade is at your expense. For instance currently in Qld the call out fee can exceed $1,000 per call out so care should be taken to avoid burning anything that might set such equipment off. The tampering with or disconnection of this equipment is a criminal offence and will be reported.
  • Every effort is made to ensure that the property is fit for purpose. During the course of preparation for your stay the apartment is inspected for damage. It is unfortunately not uncommon for some guests to avoid their responsibilities, and their liabilities to claim “it was broken when we got here”. If that is the case then we would expect a phone call from you on or soon after arrival. Broken goods must be paid for, either via the bond that is held or by local action through the Courts, inclusive of the next guests being inconvenienced.
  • It is for these reasons that from time to time, it may be necessary to relocate your booking to another property as best that can be arranged within seasonal influences.  Hence why we strongly advocate travel insurance.    


  • Any payment of the rental fee / tariff constitutes the clients acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
  • The Confirmation Booking may from time to time change the bond or deposit that is required and therefore supersedes the standard rates.
  • A $250.00 non-refundable deposit as cleared sums secures your booking. The balance, if any is to be paid one month prior to arrival, at the potential loss of your booking. Failure to finalise the balance by the appropriate day may result in your booking being cancelled without notice to you. The full payment is required if the reservation is within one month of the arrival date, by bank transfer or by a valid credit card submitted by the booking person.
  • Any variation or amendment of the booking may incur an administration fee of $150.00 inside 4 weeks.     
  • A cancellation fee of $150.00 applies to all bookings and a cancellation notice of a minimum of six weeks is required for the deposit to be credited against a future stay within six months of the booking, otherwise the deposit is forfeited, less any fees payable to CoastalSerenity.
  • At least 1 guest must be over the age of 18 willing to accept all legal responsibilities for the booking for damages and or repairs caused during their stay, otherwise the booking form must to be signed by a responsible adult who will accept all responsibilities. All those staying, under the age of 18 must register their names and phone contact details to CoastalSerenity via the booking form and if requested a photo ID (preferably driving licence) must be provided. Persons under the age of 18 must not use the resort facilities without a responsible adult present.
  • Any enquiry or booking cost is an estimation of costs only until a Confirmation Booking is supplied to the person making the booking and the return supply of the Booking Form, fully completed submitted with it, is returned.

Good behaviour and Security Bond:

  • A Security Bond of $300.00 (special events - Peak Periods - on application) is required in case of general damage. This can be paid with a credit card (drops off automatically if no charge made against it) (all credit card incur a 2.5% bank service fee on all transactions made) or paid with the final accommodation payment. The bond will be refunded within 7 days of departure, subject to the cleaners report being finalised. NB If a credit card transaction is declined for any reason a ($40) re-processing fee may be imposed on the credit card supplied by you.
  • You must complete the booking form that will be sent to you with the Confirmation Notice and return it 2 weeks prior to your stay. A valid credit card must be recorded against this booking. NB It is illegal to knowingly supply a false or incomplete credit card details or to unjustly cancel a credit card to avoid your agreed responsibilities and the onus of legitimacy remains with you, the booking person. This conduct will be reported to the police. Unless agreed no charges will be made against this card, except in the event of damaged caused during your stay. The onus is yours to report fault of a property that may have escaped the check in staff in a fair and reasonable time frame.
  • Repair, supply or replacement costs for any damaged or lost household effects, remote control batteries, including keys, fittings or furniture during the period of occupancy may be deducted from the bond and/or payable on invoice.
  • The number of guests must not exceed those booked and paid for without the expressed permission, in writing from CoastalSerenity or the immediate termination and eviction from the property may result. It is a beach of these t&c if more people stay overnight that those booked for. Fees may apply charged to your credit card.
  • No conduct must be of nuisance or annoyance to adjoining or neighbouring properties. All properties booked from CoastalSerenity have a strict no-party policy, which is strongly enforced. All properties have noise restriction from 10.30pm whereby any complaints thereafter may result in your immediate eviction at the loss of the remainder of your stay, via onsite security officers or the police. If the police are called to the property this is a breach of the t&c’s.
  • The premises must be maintained and left in a clean and tidy condition. In Qld all rubbish is to be removed from the property to the appropriate rubbish rooms or a fee of $50.00 will apply. In NSW excess rubbish is to be taken from the property on your leaving or a fee of $50.00 will apply.
  • There is a strict No Camping Policy for all of the Gerringong Properties as advertised or let by CoastalSerenity, at the loss of the immediate cancellation of the remainder of your stay. Immediate eviction and costs for the repair to any grassed areas will be taken from your bond or as directed by a Local Court application for damages. No fires of any description, except an existing on site barbie-b-que's as provided are allowed. Any fires lit will be considered as vandalism, with immediate expulsion.
  • Excess cleaning may be, but not limited to, excessive cleaning of the kitchen or laundry, the removal of stains, excess yard cleaning, excess alcohol bottles and rubbish. Faeces, urine, cigarettes (thrown in gardens or pot plants or such), vomit or bodily fluids, or any stains of any kind are treated as a health hazard and are subject to an additional cleaning cost to be met by you. Carpet cleaning starts from $300.00 for the first two hours, including travel and $75 for each hour thereafter in half hour increments.
  • Towels and linen provided by CoastalSerenity must NOT be used to remove make up, lipstick, suntan lotions or sun tanning creams or other such oily products that may stain the towels. Any such marking, at the complete discretion of the laundry service will result in the linen or towels being replaced at your cost.
  • Please also note that if the apartment is left in such a state that will delay the apartment from being let to the next guests, then it may be necessary that they be relocated to another apartment and such expense, whatsoever that expense is will be charged to your credit card. If so warranted the police will be called to verify the damage.

Indemnify CoastalSerenity and affiliated property owners.

  •  You agree to indemnify, for all costs and expenses to CoastalSerenity and its affiliated owners, their staff,  caused by you or your guests that result in any fines, penalties of any like imposed and for all damage caused during your stay and such costs to be charged against the credit card supplied on booking or recouped via legal action which you agree to cover such reasonable costs.  
  • All properties have an excess noise policy within their by-laws or by agreement and any breach of this rule could see your stay cut short at the loss of the remainder of your stay, with no refund.
  • No responsibility will be taken for loss or damage to guests personal property or personal property left on the premises, however if found, every effort will be made to return those items to the guests.
  • Please note that all our properties are strictly non smoking properties as we aim for all to enjoy their stay, nor are pets allowed. Some properties may take pets on application in writing and with prior approval, but any damage caused by pets digging holes or urinating on walls will incur additional cleaning costs. It is your responsibility to remove dog faeces.
  • The owners will make every effort to ensure the property is available as booked. However the owners reserve the right to make alterations to bookings due to unforeseen circumstances, and to relocate your booking to another property that is of a comparable standard. In the extreme event that no options remain to offer a duplicate or fair alternative for the same booking cost then the return of the booking sum less any bank fees associated. Should you choose to not accept the relocated accommodation offered, the retained sums may be used against another accommodation stay, of equal value within 12 months of your arranged stay. It is not transferable outside these conditions.
  • Should any unforeseen circumstances prevent a booking from being honoured due to, for instance a double booking given or conditions that make access to the property unsafe or any other situation, every effort will be made by Coastalserenity to find accommodation of a suitable standard and cost but limited to the booking amount. Any additional costs must be met by you; the booking person. 
  • Any liability owed to the booking guest is limited to the return of the booking amount excluding any bank fees associated with that booking.
  • Any verbal description is given in good faith and to the best of our ability. We take no responsibility and can offer no refund for alleged mis-representation as we are constantly aiming to improve the holiday stay for you, allowing for unforeseen circumstances.
  • Where applicable all Body Corporate rules and regulations are to be adhered to.
  • Whilst it is commonly accepted that in an emergency the proper authorities are permitted by law to enter your apartment, in general terms we do not agree with any persons entering the apartment. This also extends to the onsite Security engaged by the respective Body Corporates.
  • The Owners of the property or their managing must be afforded access if the owners present themselves to inspect the property if a complaint has been made to them about conduct that is in breach of these t&c's. If any person, excluding an emergency authority gains access to the property under the control of your booking then you agree to indemnify Coastalserenity for all legal fees; subject to Court Order. If in doubt call Paul on 0421 394442 in such an emergency situation.
  • Notwithstanding the above, from time to time routine maintenance is carried up to maintain the best of standards for our guests, which may require a respective tradesperson(s) or anyone nominated by CoastalSerenity to enter to repair, maintain, mow, garden or such terms the properties. All efforts will be made to have no or little impact on our clients stays.

Check in – Check out.

  • Check in is from 2.00pm. 3.00pm in the case of Carinya Cottage. An earlier check in may only be approved 24hours earlier, by written agreement, txt or email from CoastalSerenity.  
  • Check out is strictly at 10.00am unless prior agreement is obtained from CoastalSerenity. A failure to vacate at such time will result in an additional fee of $45.00 per hour charged against the booking credit card or by invoice (inclusive of an administration fee and any legal fees incured by us).
  • A late check in fee of $60.00 applies from 9.00pm. NB No other cash payment will be accepted on check in without written approval for safety reasons.
  • On departure all food is to be removed from the fridge and cutlery and kitchen utensils are to be cleaned and replaced and the place left neat and tidy with all furniture, if moved put back.


  • Each apartment is supplied with two (2) keys and fobs. One in the case of Carinya Cottage or the Beach House in NSW. These are your responsibility and must be left in the apartment on the dining table on leaving. Any loss of the key and/or fob will result in a fee of $135.00 charged to your credit card for the replacement of locks or fob or billed to you at a later date. Any expenses incurred by Coastalserenity in recouping these costs you agree to indemnify us for.
  • Parking places are provided free of charge and is your responsibility to park within that spot. Specifically at Carinya Cottage there is to be NO parking on the front lawn or the grass adjacent to the front fence.

Privacy Statement

  • Any information given by you in booking or enquiring about a holiday stay with CoastalSerenity will be kept strictly in confidence. By your contacting CoastalSerenity you agree that your contact details only, may be used, by us to supply to you further specials or offers from time to time. You may at any stage ask to be removed from this contact list.